Odessa: Multi purpose LED luminaires for ceiling, floodlights and projectors with various mounting type and light distributions.

Odessa Surface exterior downlights


Extremely robust and compact ceiling mounted LED light with a modern aesthetic design. A small and medium range of high performance LED surface ceiling mounted provides with robust, excellent design and perfect fit for any demand applications such as corridors, public spaces, metro stations, residential areas, showrooms etc.

The luminaire rated as CLASS I with integral driver, available in Narrow, Medium, Wide and Very Wide light distribution. Colour temperature 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, LED CRI >80 and life time 50,000 Hours. Luminaire optional with visor or louvre, linear spread lens or colour filters.

Aluminium die-cast with color powder coating, LED optical reflector, cable gland entries on luminaire and gearbox, Stainless steel fasteners in grade 316. Durable silicone rubber gasket and clear toughened glass.

Ceiling surface installation.

Series Model No. Lamp Power Lumen EEC Colour Beam Weight Dia. Accessory No.
ODESSA 1 OD-80001 1 COB 21 W 1673 lm A++ W27 / W30 / W40 23° 32° 43° 1.7 kg. 105 A80331 A80121 A80214
OD-80002 1 LED 5 W 412 lm A+ W27 / W30 / W40 1.7 kg. 105 A80331 A80121 A80214
ODESSA 2 OD-80011 1 COB 36 W 3326 lm A++ W27 / W30 / W40 18° 27° 47° 70° 2.3 kg. 130 A80131 A80231 A80114

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