Business Profiles

Luxury living is on the rise in Cambodia. Having identified the potential to serve our customers’ need for quality construction/building materials at affordable prices and our optimistic about the country’s future growth prospects , we started the sales and distribution operations in 2014.

Taking an environmentally-friendly approach, Camcona is the first provider of RINNAI energy efficient gas-fueled water heating systems and LED outdoor lighting from LIGMAN Lighting, tailor-designed by architects. Camcona also distributes innovative and top quality international brands:

  • RINNAI Cooking and Water Heating Appliances (Japan)
  • LIGMAN Outdoor and Indoor Lighting (Thailand)
  • IMER Construction Machinery and Mortar Spraying and Conveying Lines (Italy)
  • PERGO Laminate Flooring (Belgium)
  • HILTI Power Tools and Fastening Systems (Liechtenstein)

These products are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial customers​​ as well as construction contractors, architects, designers, MEP contractors, consultants etc.

Camcona also provides solutions as professional consultation, design, installation, and after sales supports. Camcona maintains a clear value, integrating the interests of the company’s partners, customers, suppliers, employees into its strategy and honoring its social and ecological responsibilities that makes sustainable success of the company.


To leverage technology and be the business of choice for customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and community by:

  • Offering a wide range of quality products and services to consumers at great value.
  • Fair and ethical business practices and delivering results committed to suppliers.
  • Competitive remuneration, professional training, and conducive work environment.
  • Sustainable business model in term of cost effectiveness, quality, delivery and innovation
  • Being a community responsible business and good corporate citizens.


To be the most reputable centre of global branded building materials for sales and distribution in Cambodia with great services.


Camcona CARES represent what we stand for and are core values which inspire and lead us in our journey to achieve our Vision and Mission.

Commitment: We are Committed and Passionate  in everything we do.

Accountability: We are Accountable for our behaviors, actions, and results.

Respect: We Respect every individual and business partner and Collaborate effectively as a team.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We encourage Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creativity in our quest to continuously Innovate and Improve.

Success Driven: We are Success Driven and have a Passion for Winning, guided by sustainable long term strategies